VIP communications

Beyond providing a world class secure communications technology that is easy to use and works around the world, Metro Communications will assure that your confidentiality and privacy are managed in a discrete and subtle manner.

30 Day Free Trial

The 30-day trial allows you to try the Armour Mobile app for free. It’s quick to set up – once you’ve given us your details and key checks have been carried out, you can be using the app the same day.

Business Communications

Competitively priced and NCSC validated for regulatory encryption, Armour Mobile secures your communications eliminating the risk of interception. Additionally we can manage your secure connectivity with other organisations too.

Metro Communications Logo
Metro Communications is committed to providing business and VIP customers with secure communications products, services and applications. Solutions that ensure information can be exchanged securely via the internet, wired and wireless networks. Dependable secured systems, with independently assessed encryption, that provides the ease of use that comes with consumer solutions hardened with demanding compliance and validated by national technical authorities as “fit for commercial use. Specifically solutions that enable our customers to fully comply with GDPR and other international standards.